Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rob, I totally forgot to show you this picture I took

It's on MLK jr. hwy (shocker). Alicia and I passed it on the way to the Museum of Flight - it's practically parked in the front yard! Which I think is genius, by the way. Check out the lawn chairs.

Also, Rob, why does Bill Murray's character think he's in a movie?

That's all. See you when you get home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

blush and bashful

This post and it's pictures are two fold: a) to show-off what fun Analise, Genevieve and I had on Valentines Day, and b) to prove to Torsten and Simon that they didn't miss anything fun on Valentines Day.

We baked cupcakes in the shades of pink and pinker.
Then we frosted the cupcakes in shades of pinkest and pinker still. The girls made sure that everyone in their family had at least one cupcake, marking the first letter of their names on the cakes. Other than that, there were lots and lots of hearts.

Analise. Expert piper.

Miss Genevieve. Creative Talent.

Not pictured: James, who head up the operation's Quality Control. Thanks to Rob for keeping him at bay with hours of Raging Rabbits on the Wii.

Thanks girls, I had a very fun (and pink) Valentines Day with you!

Virgania Horsen

These are old, but please watch them if you haven't yet.

Just give me your mail and tell me where you want it to go.

It's just you and me up in the air.

Newest Nyland

Some more pictures of baby Patrick (our nephew, for those of you wondering. C'mon, we've only been married six months). Imagine what a fun time we had this weekend - staring at, kissing, and holding this little guy.

James happy about his new title as big brother.
This is one of five pictures of James where he's smiling through asking,
"Can I see it?" (referring to seeing the picture on the camera's screen).

Patrick is Rob's 6th niece/nephew (there should really be a combined name for these terms),
but this is only his second that he's been able to see as a newborn.
He is very happy to be living so close this time around.

Here is Patrick just two hours after he was born, and at 5 lbs 12 oz, he is the newest and smallest (or maybe, fourth smallest because I can't remember if the Farmer triplets were smaller) baby I've ever held.I'm attempting to show how small he is by putting my hand next to him, but it just looks like he's closer to the camera than my hand -but my hand really is right next to his head,and his head really is the size of half my hand.