Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looking Back: Portland Weekend

My cousin, Kassondra, got married over Memorial Day weekend in a tiny little town in Oregon. It was a beautiful wedding, I'm so glad we went. We made a long weekend out of it by staying in Portland. While there we visited friends, ate great food, and then stopped at Mount St. Helens on the way home. Fun fun time!

The awesome wedding location: The Historic Balch Hotel in Dufur, Oregon.
We spent  a lot of time at the wedding taking pictures of me and Henry.
 And of my Handsome Husband and Henry
 Back in Portland - we met up with the Hall Family.
Mmm, let's just take a moment to look at the most memorable meal from our trip - breakfast at Pine State Breakfast. A gooey fried chicken and fried egg sandwich (this sandwich is pictured at the top of the link) and an andoulle corn dog with honey mustard.
Then dinner with the Mellor Family. Trying to force another toddler hug.
This was mine and Rob's first visit to Mount St. Helens - it is so so cool! We were told that it was very rare to get the view we got of the mountain because it's usually not as clear as it was this day.
Secret: This Marriot hotel where we're eating breakfast not where we stayed. We stayed at a different Marriot about a half mile away. Our hotel didn't serve continental breakfast, so we took a little stroll down to this hotel that we had stayed at the last time we were in Portland in order to eat the breakfast there. We felt okay about it since they're both the same company (and since we had stayed there before, we knew the food was awesome and we knew just what door to walk through that would make it look like we were legit).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jenaca's Bridal Shower

My good friend Jenaca got married last week - I'm so excited for her and grateful I was able to show my excitement by being at the wedding and by helping to throw her a bridal shower weeks before her big day. I wanted to make it a special party, so I mustered up all the creativity I have (read: I copied lots of ideas) and helped to create this:


One last picture of the bride-to-be (now bride):

Some quick Henry pictures

From October 27, 2012. Just shy of 18 months.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Maui 2012 video by Rob

Hooray, the video of our Maui trip is complete. And wonderful!

Return to Maui from New Land Media Works on Vimeo.

Now, how can I manage to go back again next year?