Friday, January 23, 2009

What we've been doing lately...

So the one bummer about this quarter is that I teach classes until 7pm Monday thru Thursday. It is quite a break from last quarter when I got home at 4 everyday and could hang out with my wife til my heart was content. Anyway, now we have to treasure the few hours that we get with each other before we go to bed.

Last Monday, we celebrated our time together and Family night by making sushi. We put some Trader Joe's sweet potato fries in the middle because we had had some sweet potato sushi recently and it was pretty good. Ours turned out to be okay too.

Oh, and beneath the sushi is the newest member of our family. A leather ottoman that we got from Cost Plus -- Which is my new favorite place because I got 5 for 5 dollar Haribo Candy there.

Oh, and here is what we've been doing lately. In this photo we were watching Laguna Beach -- Which turns out to be awesome. We are onto the Hills: Season 1 right now, and The City is so awesome it hurts. Steph and I decided last night that we need to get lives.


My wife is special.

Catching up to do -- Christmas

Christmas was really fantastic this year. We were really blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with our family, and we were even privileged to have Jacob and Lisa visiting us from Florida. Hooray.

Here is Torsten and Simon with their presents from us: Donuts and Yards o-beef.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A queen-sized air mattress with your name on it.

If you book a roundtrip flight by tomorrow (through tomorrow?) on you can come visit us in Seattle for HALF PRICE. That's right, folks, good company at half the price. Go to the Special Offers tab on Seattle is the featured city.