Tuesday, November 19, 2013

June at 4 months

Sorry June. It takes us three days to take your picture and write these posts. You're a second child, you'll be used to the mild neglect soon enough.

On November 17th June turned four months old. What fun four months is! She continues to be a happy baby, always eager for someone to look at and talk to her (maybe it's the second child neglect again?). We've begun sleep training and although it's not a walk in the park, she is doing better than would be expected after the few days since we started. We have had to hear her cry when going down to bed or in the middle of the night (poor sweet baby) but only for a couple days or inconsistently and her "cries" are more calling out than full on crying. Which just means it's more bearable for her parents.

Have I mentioned yet that June has the cutest chubby legs and belly? I don't think you can classify June as a "chubby baby" but after our skinny skinny Henry, it's so fun to see her little rolls on her legs and to cuddle with her and her chubby belly.

She has begun to enjoy holding toys and bring them to her mouth - her Sophie Giraffe and her taggie blanket are what I offer her but her favorite is actually just a burp cloth. I think she can hold onto it best. She also loves to grasp onto my hand and hold it at her mouth to suck on my hand or fingers. I like that too.

She's strong - loves to stand and doesn't mind being on her belly because she's able to hold her head up for a little while. We can sit her against the couch cushions and she can stay upright for a long time. New possible positions seem to add to her continuing to grow into a more and more complacent baby.

Her Grandpa and Grandma Nyland visited us last week. I was so excited to finally show her off to family after months since anyone has seen her in person. She charmed them, just as I knew she would. She's not the most photogenic at every opportunity, but in reality she is so so cute and beautiful. Big blue eyes, an always smiling open mouth (as the above picture captures). Or maybe I'm just her biased Mama:) I'm looking forward to next week when I'll see Alicia and her family along with our good family friends for Thanksgiving in Idaho and be able to show her off for the whole weekend. And it's only one month until we fly home to spend a couple weeks with all the rest of our family! Honestly, what I'm most excited about is for everyone to get to know our adorable happy baby girl!