Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Two Weeks

Henry had a pretty awesome first two weeks of life. Here are some of the things he did:

He was born (May 2).
He starred in a film made by his dad.

He had his first bath.
He took lots of naps on his parents.
He received lots of kisses.

He helped dad model his Jedi outfit.
He visited the Fremont Troll.
He took a trip to Grandpa and Grandma Nyland's house.
He became a DJ (get it - it looks like he's spinning the turn table on his onesie).

He attended Super-Cute Sunday.
And he celebrated his 2-weeks with a burrito his size.
And he slept through most of it...

good parenting

Henry, don't make these faces in public:


Our little Henry is such a sweetie...

Except when he's not...

Friday, May 6, 2011


Will you get better at sleeping?

Will breast feeding ever stop hurting?

If I had put you down in the bassinet for the past hour, would you have stayed asleep?

When will thinking about how much I love you not make me cry?

Can I really handle cloth diapering?

Do you prefer to be swaddled or not swaddled?

How concerned should I be about how much I hear you digesting?

What can I do about how much my back hurts?

Will you continue to have your dad's eyes?

Where did you get those sweet lips that I love so much?

How are we going to handle feedings tomorrow in the middle of our appointments?

How did I get such a wonderful husband?

Why do I worry so much? You've only been alive 3 days.

Why do I only now feel pain "down there?"

How will I do this when your dad goes back to work?

Am I enjoying you enough?

Why do I feel so sad when you cry?

Is your voice getting hoarse?

Why did you do so well with the swing yesterday but not today?

Do you miss being in my belly?

Will I actually be willing to ask for help from my kind friends and family?

When can I stop dreading 9pm?

How long until your dad and I can sleep in bed at the same time again?

What will you look like next week? Next month?

Should I be cleaning the pump accessories better?

Are you warm enough?

When will I get used to calling you Henry?

I'm looking at you now and you are so beautiful. How did you get so beautiful?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our baby boy

Henry has arrived and we've been enjoying him for three whole days now! Rob played his two roles of Coach and Videographer well - here's the big day (Kendra, this is for you especially!):