Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will and Emily

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to film the wedding our friends Will and Emily. It was one of the only rainy days in Seattle this summer -- which doesn't always bode well for an outdoor wedding, but the ceremony was great anyway, and I was lucky enough to capture it in digital form.

Here is a shorter edit of their wedding with some nice melodramatic music from Jens Lekman.

Consequently, I am also looking for more wedding clients to fill up my weekends. If you know of anyone who is getting married, feel free to send them my way: robnyland (at)

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Tallest Man on the whole Earth

Despite feeling a little ill for the past couple of days, Steph and I ventured out with her sister Monica to see a group called The Tallest Man on Earth. Now that we have hit the 30's, concerts rarely seem like a good idea, but we are glad to have gone to this one.

The Tallest Man is not tall, and he's not American either -- He's from Sweden, where most good music in this world comes from. His music sounds really folky. I've heard that he sounds like Bob Dylan, but I never really listened to Bob Dylan growing up, so I will take others' word for it.

Look at him being so cool:

One of the worst parts about going to concerts is other people. I had this group of total idiots behind me, drinking PBR and jumping up and down. The Tallest Man had to tell them twice to stop being idiots. One of the dudes handed me his email and asked me to send him pictures. Since the guy was a jerk, I'll let him google it.

Oh, and here is a video that I took during the concert. This is a great song called "Love is All":

Science Center

A few weeks ago we had plans to go to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. However, it was raining pretty heavily that day, so our plans were dashed. Luckily, Alicia called up and told us that she was going to the Science Center and that she had some extra tickets -- Extra Tickets? Of course we'll go!

The main exhibit was the Circus. That explains these awesome pictures:
Engaging in a strong man exercise:
It was the first trip to the Science Center for Marin and Collin, who tagged along with us. So we had to make a stop in the butterfly thunderdome.

And look how brave Collin is, I mean he is full on touching that cockroach! Too bad the cockroach handler looks very sad about what has been going on in his life.
Thanks Alicia for letting us tag along and saving us from a boring rainy day!

Lime Kiln

A few weeks ago we had our Ward Campout. While the campout was really fun, I didn't take any pictures of it. I did, however, take some pictures of the hike that we took the next day.

On the Saturday after the hike we headed up past Granite Falls to the Lime Kiln Trail. The trail follows an old railroad grade and then ends up at a big kiln where they used to cook up limestone or something.

I really love old artifacty type things, and considering that the area used to be the site of an old mining town, there was a lot of random old knick knacks strewn throughout the woods.

Overall, it was a pretty cool hike and a nice one to end the summer season with. Oh, and thanks to the Van Leeuwens for coming along with us!