Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looking back: Anacortes

This day trip feels so so long ago, and that's because it took place way back in BH (Before Henry).  Anacortes, Washington is an hour and a half drive away from us, it's on the Puget Sound and not far from the beautiful San Juan Islands. See:

When we were first planning a day trip, our intention was to spend the day touring a couple of the San Juans, but looking at the ferry schedule, we realized that's not really possible - the schedules for the different islands don't really line up to allow you to visit more than one in a day. We were glad we decided to go even though we'd only get to stay in Anacortes. It's beautiful, and we chose a beautiful day in late August 2010 to enjoy the views!

It's too long ago to really remember what anything was called, but this was a state park that had a boat launch, so we headed there to be near the water.


Anacortes has a small and quaint downtown. We ate at a great deli, Gere-a-deli. I don't know how we ever settled on something to eat, I remember the menu being awesome. We got a reuben.
And a meatloaf sandwich. We ate outside, in the sun, while people watching. My favorite!
We visited with some towns-folk. (these creepy/fun people are all over town - you can take a creepy/fun townsfolk tour even).

We drove to the top of some place (dang, I wish I remembered what it was) for some more views.

The end.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Family Photo Session

This past summer you may remember that I did this video for our friend Kali.  In return, she agreed to do a family photo session for us.  We've never really done one of these since Henry joined our family, so it was a pretty fun opportunity.  The day after Thanksgiving we drove down to Maple Valley and met up with Kali at an old golf course.

Here are some of the results:


Check out Kali's website. Beautiful work.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Looking Back: our latest Utah trip

A few months ago we took a trip to Utah for my friend's wedding. I blogged about it on my Sisters' blog but I wanted to document and share the other pictures.

We. Love. Utah. More accurately, we love visiting Utah. We love visiting friends, eating good food and remembering our college days. And, of course this trip was extra special because of Jenaca's wedding. Now that we have a toddler that we like to show off, our favorite form of entertainment is introducing him to our friends and meeting their own kiddos. We missed taking pictures of a few friends' kids (so bummed!), but here is Henry with:

Alfie. Jamming.
Heaton and Valentine. Forced to take pictures (how great is the reflection!?).
A wave goodbye from the entire Maddocks family (aah, so nice visiting friends!)
Ingrid. Blondies.
These two met over a year ago, so fun to see them together again!
I'm making this next photo large - this is where Ingrid and her parent live. These horses are their closest neighbors. I know, beautiful.
This represents Henry's meeting Kjell and Noelle. He ran down this restaurant hallway all evening with them, I don't know where they disappeared to in this shot, though!
Henry was reunited with the Farmer girls, which just makes me so happy inside! (oh, look, Linds - there you are. I should really take an actual picture of you on one of these trips!)

Then there was the reason we made the trip in the first place.

These love birds:
Got married here. Look one more time at the above picture of Jenaca. She was the only bride there that wasn't freezing to death in the snow that surprised us the day before. And she didn't even need a scary evil snow queen fur coat to accomplish it!
I'm realizing now that we didn't really dress Henry for the cold in his measly zip hoodie while I'm the one sporting the evil snow queen puffy coat hood (and still freezing).

There was a trip to BYU campus, of course.

And we visited with Michelle at work while Henry raised some havoc in her office.

The final picture belongs to Racheritos' rolled tacos.