Thursday, June 2, 2011

Henry at 1 month

Can you believe that our little Henry is 1 month old? Neither can I. Right now Steph and I are so happy that he is in our life. We still have our hiccups -- he's still spitting up a lot, and can be pretty fussy, but his big eyes and sweet face let us know that it has all been worth it.

He has been doing pretty well with sleeping. On a typical night he will sleep one 5-hour shift and another 3-hour shift. He usually hates being messed with -- so he puts up a good fight when I try to change his dirty diapers and/or change his clothes.

Having a baby grow up is a weird thing. A lot of the time I am excited for when I will be able to interact a little bit more with him, but then I remember that he will no longer be as small as he is right now. I guess I should just enjoy the moments that I have with him right now -- that is something that I constantly need to remind myself to do.

Happy 1-month birthday Henry!! We are so happy that you are a Nyland.