Sunday, October 2, 2011

Henry at 5 months

It's Conference Sunday and I've been reminiscing all weekend about how, during the last Conference, Rob and I were getting the baby's room ready in anticipation of his arrival. At that time it was hard to imagine that by the time we had conference again, we'd have a 5 month old. And now here it is, six months later, and all of the sudden we have a 5 month old.

Henry is getting to be a busy little boy, which is the biggest change. He's still our sweet, happy baby boy, but not quite as docile. There have been a few other changes for our little baby boy:
  • Henry is able to fall asleep on his own at night pretty consistently. Nap times are not as consistent but still okay. Henry goes to sleep around 8pm and wakes up twice each night - at about 2am and 5am. We wake him up between 7-7:30am to start the day.
  • He has finally noticed some animals - meeting his first dog and a group of ducks in the last month, all of whom wanted to eat Henry's toes.
  • He learned to turn over! This is his first big movement-milestone. It makes things a little more inconvenient for his parents, but it sure is fun to watch. Henry can't seem to help turning over when he's on his back and then gets frustrated soon after. Along with the turning over seems to have come an awareness that his toys are just barely out of reach which is the source of some of that frustration.
  • In the last couple of days Henry is constantly sucking on his lower lip. This and some other seemingly signs of getting his first teeth have increased in the last month, but still none have appeared.
  • Henry still isn't eating anything other than breast milk. However, he really likes to watch Big Cousin Xander (9 months old) eat - so I wouldn't be surprised if he knows just what to do when we finally start on solids closer to 6 months.
  • It is so fun for us to show Henry off to friends and family because he is such a smiley boy!
  • Henry enjoys car rides - what a change from just a couple of months ago! We have a mirror in our car now that lets us watch him, so we are enjoying car rides more now too! He is so funny, he looks out the windows with curiosity, sucks on his Sophie giraffe or other toys, and babbles to himself.
  • He has managed to pee on our sheets and blankets multiple times. You'd think we learn to not leave him without a diaper on too long - but he's just too quick! Plus, it's so fun to let him play sans diaper - but we have to pay for it with a lot of laundry.
  • Henry is quite enamored with his daddy. This is especially apparent during our bedtime routine when it's time for him to nurse and, instead, he has to watch Rob as he's reading a book out loud or follow him with his eyes as Rob comes in and out of room. It's so cute, but most of the time I wish he'd stop smiling at his dad and get on with eating!
  • Henry is a skinny little guy but I think he's finally outgrowing his 0-3 and 3 month clothing. We might strictly be in 3-6 month now.
We still spend much of our time with him just amazed at how adorable he is. We feel so blessed that he's our sweet little baby boy.

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