Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looking Back: June's 1st Birthday

First of all: I'm so sorry, Baby, that I procrastinated this post until it's almost your 2nd birthday. 

June turned ONE! on July 17, 2014. My Dad was in town for business and it made me really happy that there would be family in town for June's birthday. In fact, I was so determined to have her celebration with my Dad on her actual birthday that we did it the only time and place that was going to work: on campus during a class Rob was teaching. I'm pretty sure the students felt honored, Rob said they were just humoring us, either way they must have at least enjoyed cake and ice cream.

One of June's birthday gifts was this baby doll from my parents. She loved it then and at the moment I'm typing this, almost one year later, she is cuddling with her baby while asleep.

And here's an awesome (a little sad) video of June's reaction as we sang Happy Birthday to her. She did this every so often around this time - she'd get surprised or shy and try to hide.

A video posted by Rob Nyland (@robnyland) on

We love you, June June, and have had the best time with you as a one year old. You are our special girl, you kill us with your cuteness and we feel so lucky that you are sweet, loving and that you're ours!

Sunday, June 7, 2015