Thursday, October 2, 2008

the Expected and the Unexpected

When I moved in with a guy I was prepared to find quirky guy things. Like this:Really, Rob, hair PLUS body wash?

But there were other, unexpected, things about living with a guy.

Like coming home one Saturday morning to find this:
A swiffered (wet and dry!) kitchen floor.

And this:
A clean tub.
(ah, that's what provided the cleaner smell when I walked into the door.
my new favorite surprise-smell)

And this:
A swiffered (again, wet and dry) bathroom floor. But where are the bathroom rugs? Wouldn't that be great if he put them in the wash? Even better, folks. He asked me when I got home, "are you going to take a shower? I'll wait to wash the rugs if you are." That was my favorite.

I like living with a guy, or maybe it's that I got myself an extra good one.


Kendra said...

or maybe its because you just got married. wait a few years and a few kids, then it will be all anyone can do to just toss some food in your kids mouths and run out the door on time!... forget about clean floors!

but in all seriousness, I love when andy does unexpected jobs around the house too.... funny how such a small thing can make my whole day.

keep it up rob!:)

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

kirk does this kind of think, too. and i agree, it's my favorite.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

thing, not think.

Olivia Carter said...

hahaha! Hair & body cleaner in one! Oh gosh, that makes me laugh & sounds just like my husband!

stephanie said...

I decided not to mention that Rob was also procrastinating work stuff when he went cleaning-crazy. He does nice things all the time, though, procrastinating or not.

If he ever stops, we'll just have to come up with more to procrastinate.