Sunday, January 10, 2010

More of Orlando

On Tuesday, we woke up early to hit the first of two parks that we went to at Disney World --Epcot Center. Epcot is the park I was most excited about because I really didn't know what to expect.

One thing I didn't expect was for me to be cold. Here are Steph and I bundled up in Winter Orlando!

If you haven't been to Epcot, the park is broken up into two areas: Future World and World Showcase. We spent most of the morning hitting all of the rides in Future World. Test Track was fun, Mission: Space made me sick and never want to be an astronaut, and the ride inside the big silver golf ball was also pretty cool.

Here is a video that was made of us inside the big giant metal golf ball:

I wish we had taken more pictures, because there are some really cool adult oriented rides like Living with the Land, but we were too busy enjoying ourselves.

One thing that was totally dope was Coke drinks from around the world -- for free. Here is Steph drinking some weird Japanese stuff:

The other part of the park is called World Showcase and has areas that are devoted to parts around the world. Here is Steph before we boarded Maelstrom, a pirates of the Caribbean type ride set in Norway:

This is me eating Haribo in Germany:

In Morocco:
Eating a Moroccan meal that we waited 40 minutes for:

We'd really recommend Epcot if you are going to visit Florida. There are a lot of cool things to explore and is super fun for geeky adults like me.


Olivia Carter said...

Oh! Scott & I are geeky adults! Sounds like something I'd love. I went to Epcot when I was younger & I remember getting stuck in the silver golf ball ride for like 30 min. on that big incline part right in the beginning. That's about all I remember about that place but you guys make it sound like THE BOMB!

lismarie said...

You're so very Jetsons. I think I'll have to start calling you George and Jane.