Friday, September 10, 2010

The Tallest Man on the whole Earth

Despite feeling a little ill for the past couple of days, Steph and I ventured out with her sister Monica to see a group called The Tallest Man on Earth. Now that we have hit the 30's, concerts rarely seem like a good idea, but we are glad to have gone to this one.

The Tallest Man is not tall, and he's not American either -- He's from Sweden, where most good music in this world comes from. His music sounds really folky. I've heard that he sounds like Bob Dylan, but I never really listened to Bob Dylan growing up, so I will take others' word for it.

Look at him being so cool:

One of the worst parts about going to concerts is other people. I had this group of total idiots behind me, drinking PBR and jumping up and down. The Tallest Man had to tell them twice to stop being idiots. One of the dudes handed me his email and asked me to send him pictures. Since the guy was a jerk, I'll let him google it.

Oh, and here is a video that I took during the concert. This is a great song called "Love is All":


monica said...

oh wow! such awesome photos and GREAAAT video. i really should start bringing my nice camera to concerts. OR not be afraid to use flash...

i do love that song. i NEED all his music. especially that song.

Ryan said...

Good work! I saw him in SLC a few months ago. He is awesome

Thanks for the heads up on the Sufjan show. I'm going to see him in November in SLC

Dustin said...

you guys haw way too much fun ... totally agree about the concerts at age 30 comment, I can't bring myself to see anyone these days ... let's get together!!!