Saturday, December 18, 2010


It really has been a while since blogging. Here is what has happened lately (ie., the only pictures we really have since the last time we blogged. Not true, there are some others and maybe you'll see them sometime).

I sew now. Or, I did during the Thanksgiving weekend. Here I am, holding up the burp cloth that I stitched around, which is the only sewing required. I am saying, "Everyone! Everyone! Look what I made!" Monica and Julene are clapping for me, they are so proud.

Rob with a couple of his nieces. He loves that Clara (left) can stand him now.

This year's tree. It was too cold when we picked it out and we ended up with a less-than-perfect tree because I just wanted to be done with it. (Linda - that big present on the right is for you!)

Rob's Christmas present from himself. We called it a present for the baby (by the way, we're having a baby) because he's wanted one for the nursery. We own just a handful of records - Sesame Street, MoTab Christmas, and Snow White

Rob turned 31. So old! He's so handsome. That's something that hasn't changed since I last blogged.


scuz said...

i love how you just sneak in there (we're having a baby)! i'm prety sure this is a huge deal and deserves more attention.....CONGRATULATIONS! im so excited to give you tons of unwanted advice/meet the little dude!

Scott Christopherson said...

Rob. You are old.