Monday, August 22, 2011

4th of July + camping

I've been wanting to post about our camping trip over the 4th of July but because the pictures I have are just sort of random, I've been holding off. I'm going to do it anyway, because it was lots of fun and I want to remember it.

We have been going to Kayak Point on the 4th of July for many, many years. Last year I tried to figure out just how many and it's around 20 years. That means I'm getting old. A few years we started camping at the park too, making the holiday celebrations last even longer. I have to say it's not my favorite campground. It's nice that it's so close to where we picnic on the holiday, but the tree covering is too much so that even when it was sunny down at the beach, we were chilly up at the campsites. Also, it rained on us the first night which made me angry and although I can't blame the campsite on that, it took a couple of days for all of our stuff to dry out because of all the trees. Tradition makes most things worth it, though, so we're likely to return.

The best part about this camping trip is that last year my mom's side of the family started joining us for the festivities. This year we had practically everyone with us, traveling from as far as Spokane and even Arizona! This is a big deal for our family because we don't have family reunions (I guess that's what this was) and rarely even see each other on the big holidays, despite how much we all love each other. It was great to see everyone and strengthen those relationships. It's always wonderful to see my Grandma Jackie and it was special to have Henry meet her during the camping trip.

Here are some highlights:

Leah riding her scooter between campsites.

Rob and I went on a walk in the morning down to the beach
I love his sleeping-bag head

Playing games with Mallory and Scott. It was great to get to know Scott a little during the trip, since he'll be joining our family soon - they are getting married this week! It looks sunny in this picture. It was cold, though.
My dad planned a Independence Day devotional of sorts. He would.
Henry got to spend a lot of time with cousins (2nd cousins? 1st cousins once removed?) from Arizona. Here he is with Liz.
I love this picture of Henry looking at his Great-Grandma Jackie ("GG")
That mountain man is my Uncle Mike.
Another one with Henry and GG.

Here are some taken on the 4th, down at the beach.

Mark and his girls, my nieces.
So fun that Clara has a walking stick just like Grandma's cane.
Mark and Leah.
Our friends, the McDonnels, came - it's their third year of joining in on the fun. That's why Kayak Point on the 4th has always been so great - everyone is invited and it has become a tradition for many of our friends over the years. Collin was just a tiny baby his first year, here he is looking like such a big boy!


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

finally i get to see pictures. did clara get a stick by herself?

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

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sure wish we were there for the camping.