Friday, December 2, 2011

Henry at 7 Months

We forgot that Henry turned 7 months today until late morning - usually we're anticipating it for days (especially those months that include a well-child visit to the doctor). I realized it during Henry's first nap and then went to Rob and said, "Guess what today is?" He didn't guess, so I said, "The second of December, what happens today?" Still didn't know. "Henry is 7 months old!" I feel like not a lot has changed since six months, including his picture - I don't think he looks that different from month-to-month in his pictures since, maybe, four month old. What do you think? I'll try to come up with some new developments for Henry in this past month...
  • He is super talkative. Usually just at home with us, but tonight at our ward party he was talking to everyone (and stealing their hearts, I'm sure.)
  • I miss the days of Henry lying still while we changed his diaper or his clothes. Not anymore - he is a major wiggle bug, HAS to turn over and gets really upset when we try to stop him. Is this just a stage or will it be like this forever?
  • Sleep is the same as last month - still going pretty well. We got back to being able to put him down partly awake and he either doesn't cry or cries for about five minutes (feels like 20). I've gotten into a new routine for naps in that he wants to nurse for a few minutes before going down. I don't mind. I wonder if next month we'll report that he's napping in his crib. One of these days we're going to have to make the transition out of his swing for naps and I have a feeling we're not going to like it.
  • He met Santa today! No crying. We actually met two - one at the mall and the other at our ward party. He was oblivious for the first and curious for the second.
  • He is a champion sitter! He started sitting really close to the six month mark and now could sit up all day long. He is only starting to learn how to get down on his belly from a sitting position. It either makes him nervous, or he just doesn't remember how to do it most of the time.
  • We're in a new stage called, "My family makes me cry." The last 4 times we've seen mine and Rob's family he has screamed - including once when we were talking to them over the computer. It's silly.
  • Henry eats a lot (amount), or at least more than I thought a little baby would eat. He's pretty good about all the new food we give him. He loves plain yogurt but for the last couple days we are not giving him any to see if it helps with his spitting up which has been back full force. We don't think he likes spicy food. He got mad at me the couple times I've tried to give it to him.
  • He is scooting all over the house, well, he tries. If he were quicker he would be all over. 
  • Nursing is not the most interesting thing anymore for him, so where I used to have him on a consistent (not strict, but consistent) eat-play-sleep schedule, I now have to be fine with him just snacking throughout the day. If I can catch him when he's just woken up, before he wants to see what's going on around him, he'll usually nurse for about 10 minutes still.
  • He's generally happy and laughing. Our home teacher commented that he can't picture Henry crying. It's true, he doesn't cry much. But he can be pretty squirrely with nothing making him happy when he's in a bad mood.
That's all for this month!

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I love that little baby. I bet when he does cry though that he has a really cute crying face. Ha, you gave him spicy! ha. but he liked that pickle right? so you have already tried bitter/sour.