Friday, January 13, 2012

(easy) crafting: ceramic birds

Years ago I saw this idea in a Martha Stewart. Then years after that, but still some years ago, I purchased a few ceramic birds a thrift stores. The original idea was to spray painted them white. However, my living room (entire house, really) suffers from lack of color so adding white accessories would have been missing a chance to add some color.

Finally, I got around to doing something with these birds. I promise I never displayed them as they are here, pre-spray painted. 
And the finished product. I ended up not using the bird that's sitting on a branch because when it was all one color you couldn't really tell what the shape was.

Easy. Cheap. That's how I roll.

(special thanks to Monica for letting me have some of her leftover spray paint. I probably never would have gotten around to buying my own!)

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