Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looking back: Anacortes

This day trip feels so so long ago, and that's because it took place way back in BH (Before Henry).  Anacortes, Washington is an hour and a half drive away from us, it's on the Puget Sound and not far from the beautiful San Juan Islands. See:

When we were first planning a day trip, our intention was to spend the day touring a couple of the San Juans, but looking at the ferry schedule, we realized that's not really possible - the schedules for the different islands don't really line up to allow you to visit more than one in a day. We were glad we decided to go even though we'd only get to stay in Anacortes. It's beautiful, and we chose a beautiful day in late August 2010 to enjoy the views!

It's too long ago to really remember what anything was called, but this was a state park that had a boat launch, so we headed there to be near the water.


Anacortes has a small and quaint downtown. We ate at a great deli, Gere-a-deli. I don't know how we ever settled on something to eat, I remember the menu being awesome. We got a reuben.
And a meatloaf sandwich. We ate outside, in the sun, while people watching. My favorite!
We visited with some towns-folk. (these creepy/fun people are all over town - you can take a creepy/fun townsfolk tour even).

We drove to the top of some place (dang, I wish I remembered what it was) for some more views.

The end.

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