Tuesday, September 17, 2013

June at 2 months

I love this picture. Our goofy girl.

June had her two-month well child appointment today. The doctor told me that June seems more like a three month old to her which confirmed what we already knew about her - our daughter is gifted :) Mostly, she just seems exceptionally social - smiling, cooing, watching our every move, and getting upset when we're out of the room (she can stay happy for the most part - but it does surprise me how much she notices when we're not there).

She continues to be a good sleeper. A few weeks ago I didn't know the tricks to get her to fall asleep and stay asleep for naps. It seems like a swaddle is the answer, and since I've utilized it for naps (not just at night), she takes great naps, sometimes one that lasts 3-4 hours in the afternoon. She wakes up just once every night and then easily is put back in her crib after a short feeding. Having her and Henry in the same room has been no problem at all. Sometimes in the morning I have to quickly get one waking child out of the room before they wake the other, and when they're both up on the early side I wonder which is the guilty party that aroused the other. I usually suspect June.

No interesting update on her birthmark. She's been on her meds for almost a month and all it seems to have done is stop any spreading. Which is fine. We wonder what it will be like when it's completely gone, since we're so used to seeing the redness of her lip and chin. Her eyes are definitely turning blue, which I take as a personal victory that both our children have my blue eyes!

The other day I was thinking about how young she is and how easy it has been to incorporate her into our lives. Having a newborn makes some things tricky, mostly working around her naps (because I love her to nap at home where I can get things done, but also because I hate being out and about with a fussy baby), but for the most part the transition to two children has been really smooth.

She's acclimated to her new life in Provo. Just kidding, of course we wouldn't be able to tell that. But I think as a family we feel quite settled. We're missing family, especially missing them being a part of June's life when she's this little.

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