Monday, March 17, 2014

June at 8 months

Eight months!? I probably always say that she's growing up so fast, but seriously, this last month has been the quickest of all! I'm not even sure if she's doing anything new or different - but I'll try to think of something...

She is officially a blondie. She's been turning blonde for a while now but retained a funny "collar" of dark hair in the back and now even that is gone. Now I'm just anxious for it to grow longer so we can see what she looks like with even more blonde hair.

June thinks life is for laughing. She does it all day long and it's usually a fake "I'm supposed to be laughing because I'm awake" laugh. It's quite easy to get a belly-laugh out of her, just tickle her or have Henry pay any bit of attention to her. As I type this I'm trying to also nurse her but she keeps unlatching to laugh.

She likes to kick, clap and "drum" (bang two items together or onto a hard surface). I thought she had a new trick of clapping if I ask her to, but she just did it for a couple days and now can't seem to do it as perfectly since then. She'll now either bring her hands together but as fists instead of open, or she'll have open hands but clap her leg instead of her hands together.

We almost got June to roll over the other night. She's decided that she doesn't like to lay on her back now that she's so good at sitting and she's never liked her stomach, although she hates it less now that she can prop herself up a little higher even though it's still usually mere seconds before she intentionally rolls onto her back to get out of that position. So, anyway, by this age she should be rolling onto her stomach from her back and with the enticement of one of her favorite "toys" - her medicine syringe, she got mostly there except she doesn't know how to get her one arm out from under her. I guess I should be practicing more using the syringe again and other favorite items like her water cup and some food or something.

She cries a little easier and harder these days. She's learning how to use her cry as a tool, I guess (read: she manipulates us with her cry). When she's tired she wants me and if I look away or, heaven forbid, walk away, then she can get pretty upset.

Her new sounds this month are funny ones: a hiss and a gargle. Sometimes she'll be about to cry and she'll happen to make the gargling sound which stops her from crying and she continues with the vocal play.

We are excited to see what this month brings for our little baby girl and feel so blessed that we'll get to share it with her!

Enjoy a couple videos of June from last week:

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Unknown said...

Its cute to see other parents experiencing the same trials as we do. Our son laughs at every word as long as you make a funny face at him and he does the clapping thing.
I was just thinking the same as you were Rob, they do grow up so fast. I was looking at earlier photos and Silas used to be so small, now he is a crawling machine.
She is beautiful, and i dont know if you know but sign language for "more" is clapping with the handa closed. Jine is just advanced. :)