Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Utah Bucket List: Black Sheep Cafe

It turns out that a really smart way to get some gift certificates to restaurants you want to eat at is to put them on your bucket list and then blog about that list :) 

For Mother's Day Rob's parents gave me a gift certificate to Black Sheep Cafe. Happy Mother's Day to me! Here is my handsome date, button-down shirt and all. 

Don't get mad at him for being on his phone while on a date - it took about five years for our food to come, so there was some time in between the romantic talk. It was fine that the food took so long, we had planned that our friend would put the baby to bed (that was huge for me - someone besides us putting her to bed! Luckily my friend, Lindsay, is as capable as we are at such things. Oh, we also left her with a half-potty-trained three year old). However, had we planned on this date lasting as short as they usually do (because of said baby) then I would have been stressed about the wait!

The wait was also made better because of this awesome prickly pear lemonade. Truth: after I saw the menu I was less than enthused to be eating here. We realized the items we had intended to order, because of Yelp and friend reviews, were only served at lunch. We even thought about leaving, but we ordered. Then came our prickly pear lemonade we ordered. I thought we'd get one glass but instead it comes in this bottle... lots of glasses worth (and pretty and delicious)? Okay, my attitude totally changed. Do you agree that this is exciting?

Our food that ended up being really really good. I got the red beef navajo taco with street corn (meh) and beans on the side (I was so not in the mood for beans but they were good good). Rob got the green chili stew. Great flavors, another one that I thought I wasn't in the mood for, but ended up totally enjoying bites of. Oh, we also had a great seat by the window and in the corner of the restaurant. I'm super picky about where I sit. I don't ever speak up about it, but it helps me enjoy/not enjoy a dining-out experience.

Another shot of my date.

Thanks for making this date possible, Jerry and Linda! I still have enough left over on the gift certificate... I might even go with girlfriends instead of Rob. It was MY gift after all :)

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