Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Scenes: 3.28.15

Not quite the Saturday we expected today. At one point it was like this:

And the next it was like this: admitted into the hospital. 

Crazy. June's breathing got pretty bad today, it turns out if a child needs albuterol (medication for asthma- an official diagnosis pending) more often than every 4 hours they should be hospitalized. She was needing it every 30 min at one point. 

I'm calling it our 2nd annual mommy/daughter hospital sleepover. We've done this before (technically it was over a year ago... So it's our biennial sleepover). 

She's doing fine. June has been a total champ, no problem with any of the five or so people who want to regularly check her breathing, oxygen levels, etc. She'll just be here until she doesn't need the albuterol as often. 


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