Friday, June 10, 2016

Lucy at 3 Months

I'm regretting putting off Lucy's 3 month update blog post until now because I can't remember what she was doing at 3 months now that she's over 4 months! I'll do my best

Lucy continues to be an amazing night-sleeper! Yay! Naps are great too, she isn't consistent with how long she sleeps, anywhere from 45 min to 2.5 hours, but she falls asleep easy enough with Rob or I rocking her. It's so much easier now that I weaned her from nursing before a nap - rocking her is much easier because she transitions easier from arms to bed and, of course, Rob is able to put her down as easily as I am. SPOILER ALERT: this all changes next month :(

The constant loves from big brother and sister are starting to bother her for the first time. Before this I was amazed how tolerant she was of how much they smothered her but now she gets annoyed and doesn't 100% love to be kissed, hugged and held by them. She still loves watching them and when they talk to her.

Her hands have found each other, and as pictured, are usually together and in her mouth. She loves to have her fingers and whole hand in her mouth.

She loves to stand, this isn't new for this month. It's her favorite position.

Lucy has discovered the power of crying. Previous to this she only cried if she was super hungry, like if I didn't get to feeding her the minute she woke in the morning, or if really tired. One night, though, I had a really rough time getting her to sleep, it took two hours for her to finally fall and stay asleep (I found out later she had a messy diaper and I think that's all it was - so sorry baby! Mom fail!.. she's never tolerated a messy diaper, and usually I think of that when I can't figure out why she's upset but this time I missed it.). She was so tired and sad that night, I'd never seen her so sad and for so long. It seems like since that night she'll cry easier, like it clicked for her that crying is a tool she can use on us. She's still super easy and her attempts at a manipulative cry are obvious, short-lived and even cute (for now...).

We love our Lucy Baby so so much. Watching how much the kids love her, especially my tender Henry - he practically bursts with adoration for her - has made me realize even more what a blessing a baby is to a family.

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