Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lucy at 7 Months

I'm writing this update in November, too long past her 7 months to remember many details. Sorry baby. We had a wonderful summer, though, Lucy loved the water, near the end of the summer she began splashing when sitting in the shallow water.  She was great outside on outings and enjoyed swinging at parks. She is an easy companion on the few hikes we took, she'll fall asleep while being carried however she doesn't sleep long and then decides that short time takes the place of a long nap. Lucy has always been tolerant of getting less sleep during naps, though, so it's okay. She took to sleep training pretty well, especially for falling asleep on her own. This was the month she began sitting by herself in grocery carts (a fun milestone) and starting joining brother and sister for baths. She kind of goes crazy, she loves it so much - so she has to be held so she doesn't go under the water. She rolls to reach items out of the way, but not scooting.

We love you, Lucy!

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