Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Casper,

My husband and I ate at your restaurant this weekend. We ordered the catfish po boy with sweet potato fries and hush puppies, it was all very delicious! Not only was the food good, but the place is pretty cool - the big windows and string of lights are what attracted us to eat there - and once we stepped inside, the tiny eating space and gator heads made it even cooler.

We were just wondering... if we recommend your restaurant to all of our friends and bring our out-of-town friends to eat there, then will you say hi to us and give us a free beignet? Because, although we really liked the food and the atmosphere, we did feel a little left-out when you came out to talk to all the diners except us. It's okay, don't feel bad, we'll still come back - we'll just be wanting more attention next time.

Thanks for listening. And thanks for the food (the hush puppies were my favorite!), maybe next time we'll order the gator.

The Nylands


gmn said...

Steph - Did you actually send this to the restuarant?

Jerry (Dad)

Rob said...

No, I didn't send it to the restaurant. We're going back soon when my brother and sister-in-law are in town - another chance for free beignets!

Rob said...

This is steph, not rob. I don't have a mustache.