Friday, July 23, 2010

Canada Camping

So now back to that trip that we took at the beginning of the month. After we left Vancouver, we made our way East for our first night of camping in BC. On the way we stopped off in Hope, BC, which we soon found out was a shooting location for a few movies. How do I look as an action star?
While in Hope, we heard from the tourist center guy about some railroad tunnels nearby. I am a sucker for old railroad tunnels, especially long and dark ones. The Othello Tunnels did not disappoint.

After we left Hope, we drove another couple hours on the Crowsnest Highway. Our final destination for the next couple of nights was Manning Provincial Park. Here is our campsite:

Our campsite was near lightning lake. At the head of the lake was this really cool bridge.
The next morning we took a hike around the lake. The views were pretty spectacular.
Near the recreation area of the lake we saw a ton of ground squirrels. Here is Stephanie in her attempt to make friends with the little guys.
Later in the evening we went across the highway from our campsite to check out a lookout that we had seen on the park map. The view was pretty awesome to say the least.
Stephanie points out the lake that our campsite was next to:
One of the cooler/funnier things about camping at Manning was the programs that the rangers put on. We saw one on the schedule that we needed to check out: A deal or no deal spoof called "Real or Not Real". It was pretty funny for about 10 minutes, then we ditched out.
We opted to instead play Phase 10 back at camp while drinking hot chocolate. Excellent choice.

Overall, our time in Manning was great. It was a little chilly considering that we were higher up in the mountains, but the scenery was quite remarkable.


Scott Christopherson said...

Ideal Rambo first blood picture.

monica said...

i love love love these photos! so great. what a cool trip.