Thursday, July 8, 2010

random food thoughts

I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to eat for lunch, it's too hot. So, cereal it is. I miss my cereal-eating days. Mainly because I miss my Provo-days. I miss the boxes of cereal that lined the top of our refrigerator and I miss eating cereal in the living room for, what seemed like, 60% of my meals. I guess that's the same time that my other meals consisted of Costa Vida, Smoke House, and JDawgs. Geez, that was some good eating.

I'm not one of those people who forget to eat. Are you kidding me? The only exception to this is when I'm shopping. I don't forget to eat then, though, I just don't need to because I'm busy fulfilling my other vice.

I always eat breakfast. Some people have to try to get in the habit of eating breakfast because it's (supposedly) healthier. I, on the other hand, wake up each morning excited for three more meals.

Organic, whole foods do not concern me. However, I really should stop buying and eating fat-free american cheese slices. Occasionally I'll bring fixings with me to work and just make my sandwich at work. My cheese embarrasses me, I think I've even shielded my cheese from the rest of the break room as I peel away the plastic sleeve from the limp, pale cheese slice.


Kendra said...

i like your food thoughts. Andy and I really like food too, only, if Andy's not around I won't eat anything. Really, I've been known to have missed breakfast and lunch all together... I rarely eat breakfast. A fine bite of chocolate will carry me through to dinner if needs be:)

Sick! I don't think I've ever bought American sliced cheese. Sick!

monica said...

haha that is so great. i cant believe you still eat that american cheese. how funny that you are embarrassed by it.
I LOVE CEREAL. i could eat cereal for every meal if it wasnt for my love for all other food as well.