Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Henry does Sunday mornings

In our previous post I showed pictures of Henry's morning - but that was just up until he got out of bed. Here is the rest of Henry's morning...

After leaving the bedroom he played in the living room with his toy "car." We're borrowing this from our friends and he. loves. it. He thinks he's pretty cool as he walks behind the car, stopping every once in a while to service his vehicle - checking the tires, etc. Since practicing with the car, he also likes to push chairs around the wood floor, his stroller around stores, etc. Give him something he can push, and he's happy.

I just love seeing his little legs working so hard.

Soon he was on to some other toys.

His interest and focus is so fun to witness.

Time for breakfast. Some classic Henry faces.

And bath. Who doesn't love a wet, naked baby!?

Oh-so sweet.

And now Baby is ready for church (well, ready for a nap. We wake him right before leaving for church.).

But not before checking on the birds outside the window.


monica said...

this is great. this will be fun to look back on in the future. this kid is darling stuff.

marshall p said...

he's so handsome!