Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing in the morning.

We spend a long time in the morning in our bed. Rob brings Henry into our bed when he wakes up sometime between 5-6:30. He nurses and usually falls back asleep, then we all wake up together around 7am. Then, we just hang out there in bed. This started when Henry was spitting up a lot after I'd nurse him, so I'd want to keep him on my lap rather than be moving around and spitting up over everything. But now, it's just fun for us to hang out and play in bed. 

These pictures are from a lazy Sunday morning when we played some ball with Henry in our bed for a while. He's just so fun and cute that I had to share/document. These pictures are a month old and I feel like Baby has already changed so much!

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

cute faces!
he is going to be getting LOTS of kisses for me. thats for sure.