Sunday, July 29, 2012

Europe Trip: Days 10 & 11

After such a busy previous week of travelling, we were pretty eager to take it easy for a few days.  As luck would have it, Jachen had to go into work on Monday and Tuesday, so we had some time to do some more exploring around Rorschach (I didn't dare drive on those European streets).  I actually don't remember much about what we did, but hopefully these pictures will be some kind of visual evidence.

Carrots?  Oh yeah, we went to Migros to buy some things to bring home with us.  Back to the home where it doesn't cost 4 dollars for this many carrots!
What about this picture?  It looks like we ate some delicious Swiss treats.  The stuff on the left is called Ovolmatine and it is pure evil.  It is basically crunchy Nutella.  I remember one night of playing monopoly deal and putting large clumps of that on top of ice cream.  I'm pretty sure that's banned by the Geneva Convention (You see my Swiss joke there?)
Sisters doing each other's nails.
Other things we did include getting trapped in the rain.  Visiting some thrift stores and finding an awesome mini-train set in Rorschach.  Footage of the train-set can be seen in Part 4 of the video.

On Tuesday afternoon Jachen joined us and we traveled to the biggest city nearby, St. Gallen.  St. Gallen is a really cool old town and the namesake for the state that Monica and Jachen live in.

During our whole trip Steph and Monica took backseat duty with Henry.  While there he developed this ability to make funny disgusted faces.  He's so silly!
I found this Toblerone at the Coop in St. Gallen.  I think it weighed 4kg.  I was going to bring it home for my friend Scott, but I don't think it would be good for his diet.

Jacob wanted us to open him a Swiss bank account -- we got him this instead (jk -- we didn't buy him anything).
Some more of St. Gallen:
St. Gallen has a really amazing church.  Surprisingly we didn't go into too many churches on our trip, but we were definitely glad that we went into this one.  Inside we were treated to an awesome organ recital.

Modern directional signs.  Graphic design in Europe is so sick, it's not even funny.  One thing I learned during our trip is that the abbreviation for Switzerland is CH, which stands for Confederatio Helvetica.  I guess that's why I saw so much Helvetica when I was there.
We're almost there, only one more day!

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