Saturday, July 28, 2012

Europe Trip: Days 9 & 10

Even though we had just returned from a big adventure on Friday, on Saturday we were scheduled to hit the road again with Monica and Jachen to see a couple of bigger cities in Switzerland that we wanted to see.  Our first stop was Lucerne which is a beautiful city that sits on Lake Lucerne.  When we arrived in town, we discovered that it was packed because of a music festival that was happening -- plus it was also Saturday -- so that doesn't usually help.

We walked across this long wooden bridge, which was really amazing.  You can see more of it in the video.
The day was pretty hot, but we found a nice little splashpool area, where we could dip our feet in the river.
Another awesome public fountain. Put your whole arm into it Henry.
Jachen is a treat addict if I've ever seen one.  He's gonna freak out when he comes back to the states and sees how much Ben & Jerry's there is to be found.  He probably paid 5 Swiss Francs for this little cup of ice cream.
Macarons!!!  So mini.  Those macarons were like 2 bucks.
After leaving Lucerne we stopped in another cool town called Rapperswil.  We came to find out that the town was also having its own music festival, so most of the town was shut off.  But we were eventually able to find our way up to an old castle on the hill that looked over everything.  There was some old ghetto playground equipment, but Henry is no respecter.

For a better view of Rapperswil, you should definitely check out the video because there is more in it.

On Sunday we started out our day singing some hymns in German at church.  I love pretending like I can speak another language.

After church we decided to go on a little drive and explore some of the areas east of Rorschach.  Our first stop was the country of Lichtenstein.  Lichtenstein is very small (probably about the size of Kirkland, maybe bigger if you included all of the mountains) and the people there are really into their Duke, who leads the country.  This is the Duke's house:

Here's the view from the Duke's house.  This is probably where he says "All this land is mine!  Except for that part over there, that's Switzerland."

On our way back from Lichtenstein we wanted to stop by a couple of old churches.  We found a pretty cool old one in Switzerland that had some awesome cows next to it.

After eating dinner back at Monica's place we decided to go find a small park for Henry to run around in.  While we were in Europe, Henry was actually regressing in his walking abilities.  Jachen was determined to put an end to that.

That night we introduced Monopoly Deal to Monica and Jachen.  Their lives were forever changed.

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