Sunday, August 18, 2013

June at 1 Month

Our little girl was born one month ago! We're excited to start these monthly updates again, just as we did with Henry - and just as we did with Henry, June is pictured with the quilt my mom made for her and with her little plush friend from Rob's mom. Here is what our June Bug is like at just one month old:

  • The biggest deal with June these days is lots and lots of doctor's visits and tests. She has a birthmark, a hemangioma, that has the potential of spreading into and obstructing her airway. Because of that big risk, they are going to treat (get rid of) her birthmark with medication - a medication that needs all sorts of tests to make sure it's safe to take. The wrench in all of this is the fact that we're moving out of state in a couple days, so trying to get all these tests and visits before then has been a little crazy-town. Seriously, that's the short version of the story. I guess once the treatments start, these monthly updates will also serve as evidence of the drug working, as the redness of her lip and chin slowly disappear (I realize it's hard to see in this month's pose - and, by the way, she does have all 10 fingers).
  • Sleep. Isn't life with a newborn all about sleep? She's been awesome since her first night - yes she wakes up for feedings, but they are short and she goes right back to sleep. The last couple nights she has only had one feeding, five or so hours after she goes down to sleep. It's awesome. And now she's in the room with her brother instead of in our room with us, we're still testing that out.
  • June is already smiling, which is surprising and so fun. In fact, the last one to two weeks has given us a more interactive and less sleepy baby. She follows us with her head/eyes as we walk past her. Unfortunately, the busy time we're having these days with the move has made us hold her less and gawk over her less than we remember doing with Henry when he was a newborn. We have to make an effort to enjoy this stage of hers.
  • She loves her big brother and, oh boy, does he love her! He is so sweet and gentle with her and also surprisingly helpful (getting a burp cloth, throwing a diaper away). She seems to be really interested in him when she knows he's close by. She got him a present when she came into our family - a really cool scooter - so I think that won her some points :)
  • June's growing like a weed! She was 7 lbs 2 oz when born and now she's two pounds over that. Maybe this is how fast all babies grow and I just don't realize it, but with all of doctor visits and being weighed each time, I just keep seeing that scale go up and up!
  • Her eyes are getting lighter so we think we have another blue-eyed baby in our family. It's fun that she has so much hair but we're already suspecting that she's losing some of it from the front/top - oh well, luckily she's a girl and can wear cute bows to hide the unattractive pattern of hair loss!
That's a little look at our June Bug. It's been such a blessing already in this short month to have her join our family!

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Nations said...

She's beautiful! Congrats you two, and good luck with the move.