Monday, January 27, 2014

Home for Christmas

Boy were we excited for our trip home for Christmas! We had only been away from the Seattle area for four months but we were anxious to see family, be with cousins, show off our Baby June, enjoy the holiday, and even see how it felt to be "visitors" in a place we've lived our whole lives.

I pulled off pictures from my phone and it always bothers me a little to post pictures that aren't excellent quality, (I know that's silly) but at the risk of not having the trip documented at all, I decided that, of course, I should post anyway!

First off, our little June. I tell you what, this girl is a charmer. Everyone commented on what a good baby she was. And she was... the trip didn't even mess up the work we had done in sleep training like I was worried it would. She greeted everyone with big smiles and loved all the attention she got.
Of course, being with our cousins was the best thing about being home! Here is June with Elijah. These two are two months apart.
And these best friends/cousins...

Henry and I went on a date to buy gifts for Dad and to get Frostys at Wendy's. He requested this date and I shortly realized that by "going on a date with Mom" he really meant he wanted to go wherever Alicia and Xander were at the same time on their date. He kept asking to see them and was bummed to be with just me, so obviously he has some dating skills to learn before he's 16.

Sunday before Christmas in their Christmas outfits.

I made these next pictures large hoping to capture the beauty of our Christmas Eve morning in Silverdale. Rob and I took Henry to the park on the beach and remembered what it is about Washington that can never be replaced.

This girl on Christmas Eve day.

No pictures of Christmas Day, these last few are from Dec. 26th which is our traditional day to have a get-together at the Quigley's house where the cousins act out the Nativity. Rehearsal:
Izzy, our cutest angel:
And the Holy Family. This year we had two contenders for Baby Jesus. June got the part, I guess because she's the youngest. And maybe because we weren't sure if the manger could hold Elijah (sorry if you're tired of chubby baby jokes, Elijah).

People have asked what we did on our trip. And the answer we've given is "not much." Just what we wanted to do - hang out with family. The exception to this was when James, Rob, Greyson and Aidan went indoor skydiving for their Christmas gift! It really was awesome to watch and they all said it was awesome to do.

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