Saturday, January 18, 2014

June at 6 Months

What? Six months already? She'll be one before we know it!

Rob and I recently were talking about how June hasn't changed much. Yes, she is very different from that tiny newborn, but since about three months has seemed to look and act the same even though she has, of course, made the normal developments. I feel that finally, this month, that is not the case. Here are some new things about our baby:

She is sitting up! By total surprise to all of us, one day I thought I'd better start helping her learn so that she was more ready to start solid foods. Turns out she didn't need my help - she sat all by herself! I don't totally trust that she won't fall so we don't let her sit without us or pillows all around, but for the most part her balance is awesome and she doesn't need the support.

Instead of reporting, yet again, that she is losing her hair I get to announce it's finally growing back! It's coming slowly and I didn't even realize it at first (Rob's mom made the discovery) but it's looking blonde! I do not know why that excites me so much and I worry that I'm jinxing the blonde just by mentioning it. I guess because she's been so dark haired I'm super curious and excited to see how what blonde June looks like. I loved that Henry was so light at one time and to have another baby with the same blonde... but wearing pigtails - that's such a fun possibility.

June isn't babbling much at all, she's pretty quiet. She's happy and cooing but the only syllables are when she's complaining about being tired or hungry. That's when her sweet, "dadada" is heard.

Can we talk about the outfit she's wearing in her photo? It's a vintage romper I found at a thrift store shortly after we found out we were having a girl. I knew I would be getting a lot of baby girl clothes and so I was going to try to hold off buying clothes but I couldn't not buy this when I saw it! It's a unique peach color and has great vintage details (she's covering up a little mouse applique), but mostly I love that it's something my mom could have put me in when I was a baby in 1979.

Her growth has slowed a bit. She gained only 14 ounces since the last time she was weighed two months ago and the average baby gains a pound a month (she weighs 14 lbs). I had been noticing that she still seems so small and I've loved it! I'm excited about all the ways she's growing up but I've felt blessed that I still get to enjoy cuddling a small baby. But I've been encouraged to let her nurse longer and reduce distractions while nursing. I'm bummed that we're already at the phase of needing to nurse in another room, away from a crowd. Even then, just making eye contact with June while nursing her makes her smile and stop eating.

We've been back from our Christmas trip home to Seattle for a couple weeks now. Everyone there was smitten with our baby girl. She really can't meet anyone without them remarking about how sweet she is and how big and blue her eyes are. We love her!

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