Friday, May 9, 2014

Angel Moroni

A little over a month ago a friend texted me, alerting me that the construction crew was about to place Angel Moroni on top of the new LDS temple in Provo. I was so excited! It was June's nap time which I rarely tamper with but I really really wanted to see this. Even more so, I wanted Henry to see it. Whenever we walk or drive past the building site of the temple we talk about how they our building our temple and he's gotten pretty interested in it.

There were so many people there to watch! Most were across the street at the courthouse where we ended up, but there were people virtually every where on the downtown corner where the temple is being built, including on rooftops of most of the buildings. 

Here he comes...

Almost there...

Getting bored...


She'd rather be here than napping anyway.

It really was cool to be part of the event, mostly to see that there were hundreds of other people who felt tied to this temple and that statue. Since then, Henry loves to find "Angel  Nanoni" on the temple. So, it was worth it!

Oh, and I got totally famous because of it: (exclusive interview with yours truly, and my friend who told me about it, at 1:45)

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