Friday, May 9, 2014

Utah Bucket List: 180 Tacos

Rob's parents are in town and took us out to one of the restaurants on our bucket list! They like tacos (who doesn't? No really, are there people who don't like tacos?) so we suggested 180 Tacos in Provo when we were deciding where to go for lunch.

I'll try not to make this blog post a Yelp review. But just for my own memory, we got a bunch of flavors of tacos and my favorite were the Korean bbq pork and the chili orange shrimp. I definitely want to go back to have more of each of those plus try some new flavors. I texted both my dad and my brother while we were there to tell them they would have to go with us when they each come into town.

Then there are these, sweet chili wonton chips. I mean, have you ever heard of such a thing? Brilliant.

Hey June, hands off my tacos!

Hey Grandpa, hands off Grandma's salad!

Henry is eating the tasty dessert, Portuguese donuts (topped with perfect flaky sugar and agave sauce. Holy moly. I just realized: Henry is eating Portuguese donuts while wearing a Brasil sweatshirt. It's like he knew.

The party and our tacos +

 Thanks, Jerry and Linda, for our lunch and for helping us check off another bucket list restaurant!

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