Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Hikes (so far)

We had a slow start with a bunch of stuff happening this summer, but in the past couple of weeks Steph and I have made a concerted effort to catch up on our summer hike quota.

Last week, we ventured up Highway 2 to hit Bridle Veil Falls. The hike was a slow and steady climb, with a bunch of stairs. Bridle Veil Falls is on the trail to Lake Serene, but we had read that the trail to Lake Serene was pretty brutal, so we decided to stick with the easier hike. The hike had a nice payoff in the end however:

On Wednesday, we left early in the morning and drove up past Granite Falls to hit a hike on the Mountain loop highway: Heather Lake. Steph wanted to revisit the hike after doing it as a 2nd year at girls camp. She told me that at the time she thought the end of the hike was one of the prettiest places that she had ever seen -- she wasn't lying:

Once you get up to the lake, there is a nice half-mile loop around the lake.

Here is my swatting stick to combat all of the spider webs.
This photo is by Steph who is well on her way to becoming a renowned nature photographer.

Hopefully we'll get a few more hikes in before the summer ends. Let us know if you want to tag along!

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monica said...

i want to go on this hike.
love the photos.