Thursday, April 17, 2014

June at 9 Months

Baby June June (her most frequently used nickname. Others are Junie and Juniper) is just moving right along. Well, kind of.

Still not doing much more moving than last month.. or the month before that. She can roll from her back to her stomach but rarely does. The fact that she seems less reluctant to roll is the only advancement she's made in the moving department. I don't mind. Actually, I do wonder if I should be concerned...? I guess I'm realizing there are other things. She's sat independently for a long time, and now she'll move one leg behind her in order to reach farther. Like she's about to get on her knees for a crawl. Maybe she'll skip rolling all together and just go for a crawl? And she doesn't hate being on her stomach anymore.

Speaking of reaching farther - she has got quite the go-go-gadget arms. The second she's put in a new location she's reaching and grabbing whatever is nearby. Grabby McGrabberson. That's her other nickname:) Her favorite thing to reach for is Henry. If he's close enough, she's got his hair, mouth, or hands in her grasp. He doesn't mind most of the time. I've been trying to convince her that if she only learns to move she'll be able to go after him and won't have to wait until he comes near before she can get a hold of him!

June has become an early riser, just like her brother was for most of his life. We're barely hanging onto 7am, hoping it doesn't get earlier. Our routine has been that she comes into bed with me to nurse in case she'll fall back asleep, which she does half the time, but only for another 15-20 minutes (blessed minutes when I continue to sleep too). And then she hangs out in bed with me while I try to wake up and read my scriptures. She knows her Dad and brother are outside of the room, however, and constantly looks toward the door either waiting for them to come in or trying to send me the message that she wants to go out. I love that time with just her, though, laying next to her in bed singing good morning songs to her smiling face.

June loves to play peek-a-boo. I'm amazed, she totally did this on her own - she'll hold a blanket or clothes over her head and wait for us to say "where's June?" before she pulls it off, laughing. Sometimes you can still see one of her eyes peeking out at you as she waits. So cute.

She's got one tooth on the bottom that's a third of the way in. So far, like her brother, she doesn't demonstrate any discomfort from teething (fingers crossed!).

I'm seeing her become a little picky with what food she'll eat. The last few times I've tried to give her pureed baby vegetables she won't open her mouth even though I can't always figure out how she even knows she won't like it (I guess she smells it - I don't usually see her look at the spoon). It's those darn super sweet flavors like banana and peach that she's gotten used to. She is getting to be really good at grasping little bits of food on her try (or the floor, or the lawn:)

Something I don't know if I've mentioned yet - June is really sensitive to the sun. She's always squinted a ton even in mild sunlight. Her eyes tear up the whole time we're outside in the sun and today, the first time I haven't put a sun hat on her, her forehead became really blotchy. It's not severe, but strange to me and it just means this summer won't be fun for her if I don't always make sure she's got her sun hat on or she's in the shade. Shade, by the way, is harder to come by here than in Washington.

She's not talking much more than I've already reported. We'll hear her experiment with sounds on occasion but nothing consistent other than her "dadada."And the happy yelling. And the content "mumbling" while she eats something tasty.

I know last month I talked about her clapping. It's one of her favorite things to do and she'll do it on her own or as soon as I start singing a song, especially if I sing "patty cake." She'll rarely do it when we try to show someone her trick, like when we're skyping family, for example.

We stopped swaddling June this last month. She's actually done really well with the transition, though she does get a lot of nap time battle wounds - scratches on her face from her nails. We have a new nap routine. Instead of nursing her to sleep I sit with her on the rocking chair in her room, read a book then rock her a bit while singing to her. I love that short time with her and I especially love that she yawns as soon as we walk into her room at nap time.

We're so enjoying our little baby. As big as she's getting, I love getting her cuddles and try to be aware of how little she still is.

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