Friday, April 18, 2014

Looking back: Henry turns two

Henry turns three years old in a couple weeks. I guess that means this is a good time to blog about when he turned two!

Most of the birthday celebrations were explained here. The guest post on my friend's blog didn't show much from the two parties, so here are some pictures and details from those fun events.

"First second birthday" with my side of the family and our friends (on his actual birthday). We had cake at my parents' house then went swimming.

Eating his (too sweet) cake. Four layers, M&Ms, buttercream frosting.

I just love this video. I love how surprised Henry is to find everyone singing to him! I also love that he notices Plex on his cake in the middle of the song.

I was so happy and humbled to have some of Henry's closest friends join us for this party. This kid is loved! And here are most of Henry's friends who joined us - I thought it would be fun to have all their pictures included her to look back later to see how big they've gotten too! (His friend Suchen came after I took the pictures)


I wish I could have captured how happy Henry was at the Lynnwood Rec Center that night. Maybe the happiest night of his life to that point.

Henry's "second second birthday" with Rob's side of the family. What a fun night - another cake (a little less sweet this time, so I thought it was better than the Gabba version) and then to Chuck E. Cheese for games with the entire family!

Another fun video of blowing out candles. Once again, Henry loving the attention of everyone singing to him. I think it was this night that it finally cemented what birthdays and cakes are all about. He's loved birthdays ever since. (oh, and I love that we captured James blowing out the candles - ha!)

Grandma and Grandpa playing skeeball. I loved watching everyone having a good time and appreciated so much that they all came to celebrate our boy.

Enjoying one of his gifts from Grandpa and Grandma!

Phew! Now that I've finally posted about last year's birthday we're almost ready for Henry to turn three! I can hardly believe he's that old!

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