Thursday, April 10, 2014

Utah Bucket List: Station 22 Cafe

Our first item checked off our bucket list! We enjoyed some delicious food at Station 22 Cafe in downtown Provo. This town has changed a lot since both of us lived here previously - good changes. One of those being the improvements of downtown Provo and lots of new and interesting restaurants. Before moving back we joked that now that there are restaurants we'll want to eat at, we won't have the money to eat there. We decided, at about the time we came up with our bucket list, that we would save up our date money and eat at one of these restaurants every three months. That might sound really infrequent, but we only go on two dates a month and one of those is always to the temple, so every third "date" date will be like tonight's. I am so so excited about this... an actual restaurant! I like going to our typical dining spots: taco joints, cheap Asian food, food trucks. But every once in a while I like (need?) a sit-down "nice" place.

Back to Station 22. We had heard mixed reviews about the place, mostly good despite a 3.5 rating on Yelp (I consider that rating the lowest I would want to try if the ratings were my only guide). We ordered the Jack Kerouak burger and the Memphis Chicken Sandwich, shared both entrees and had a salad on the side. Yes, a salad, not fries. Our sole healthy decision of the night. Both burger and sandwich were good, we were happy with our meal although we wouldn't rush back (that's what Rob said, but the deep fried cookie dough the waiter tried tempting us with makes me want to rush back).

My favorite part of the meal was the great ambiance in the restaurant. It felt like an escape from Provo to me. The other great thing about Station 22 is their soda selection. It's fun to have an "activity" to do while waiting for the food - after ordering we stood from our table to go select a soda. Rob chose caramel root bear.

Oh, we also rode our bikes to Station 22. How fun is that?

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