Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looking back: sick Baby June

These pictures are from June 30th when June was so sick she wouldn't even eat a cracker! I can't remember much about it, actually, but her diaper must have been off because of a diaper rash. Her breathing was bad so we took her to the doctor who said it was a good thing I brought her in (thanks to the Spirit telling me to go, I'm not very good at thinking I need the doctor) because it may have progressed to being hospitalized. We got a prescription for a nebulizer, which treatments kept the difficult breathing at bay. (We've since needed it for both kids when they get sick... this might indicate asthma like I have....?). We sat on the couch for a few hours and watched movies. I felt so grateful that my schedule easily allowed for that.

It's so sad when babies are this sick, but the silver lining is that they give the best cuddles.  Even now as I look at these pictures I miss that day taking care of this sweet sick baby. 

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