Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Utah Bucket List: General Conference

We've both attended Conference in Salt Lake before, but it's been years so we really wanted to go again while we live in Utah. I don't know easy it is for Utah residents to get tickets, we got ours from Rob's parents (the tickets given to their stake in Washington). It's nice to have connections. Sorry people in Silverdale Stake. What's even better is that they were in town too, so they watched our kiddos while we attended the Sunday morning session! Rob also was able to attend the Priesthood session the evening before with his Dad. We invited our friends, the McDonnels, to come with us because we had an extra pair of tickets.

First off- Dear Ensign editors, feel free to use this very genuine photo of me taking notes at conference in the November issue of the magazine.

Lots of Mormons here.


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